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Computers and advanced technology have changed the working world in a variety of ways, and many offices have gone paperless. This is an important progression in technology, and there are few people who mourn the stacks of paper that used to adorn desks throughout the world. While it is nice to have clean desks, the lowly paperweight seems to have lost its function in a world without paper. This has saddened many who had a favorite weight on their desk that was given to them by a friend or family member.

The lack of paper does not necessarily mean that beautiful glass paperweights need to disappear, and there has lately been a resurgence of them in modern offices. Rather than serving the useful purpose of keeping papers in place, they are now on display as small art objects. Many made in previous years were very ornate, and they can now be appreciated for their beauty alone.

These amazing glass pieces are still being created today, and glass artists have stepped up to the challenge of creating them in an even wider variety. Modern glass objects in this category are made in traditional round shapes, but they now showcase the artwork inside them. Rather than disposing of this type of art, artists have transformed it into a way to display small pieces of art in a desk space that would otherwise be empty of embellishment.

The blending of glass in various colors and shapes has advanced recently, and artists all over the world have been learning them through the internet. New glass paperweights now use these techniques, and glass art has advanced significantly even in this small area of the craft. Miniatures in size, paperweights are still masterpieces of glass art that are created to adorn the desks of workers around the world.