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Creating Art with Loved Ones

Stained Glass Art

The worlds of reality and art have often been at odds, and many people have wondered over the years if artists understand all that people experience. While great tragedies and triumphs have been represented in many art forms, small tragedies and triumphs experienced by people seem to be unremarked by them. This is beginning to change, and those who have lost loved ones can now turn to art to help them through their grief.

Losing a loved one is often a debilitating experience, and the thought of never being close to them again is painful. Artists who work with glass have taken a major step towards changing that, and it is now widely available on the internet. Those who have their loved ones cremated can now have their ashes encased in glass to keep them near forever. This is a new art form, and it is growing in leaps and bounds.

It may seem macabre to keep the ashes of a loved one, but this has been done for centuries in urns. Some of them have been plain, but many are ornately embellished. Transferring this wish to keep a departed loved one close has been fitted into the world of glass art, and many companies are now offering this service.

Glass artists who blow their own pieces have figured out how to encase ashes within them, and this is the latest trend in funeral services. The pieces created have various shapes such as hearts or globes, and they come in a wide range of colors. Depending upon the artist chosen for the task, people can choose the best form to encase the ashes of their loved one. Known as cremation art, this is becoming an art venue that many glass artists are offering as a way for departed loved ones to be kept near and dear.