Stained Glass Beauty

While it is always nice to have a beautiful view, many homes and offices are attached to other buildings. This means an entire wall will have no windows, and it can diminish the atmosphere of the room. New technology has made LED lights widely available, and creating a stained glass window where there is a blank wall has become popular.

Stained glass has always been available in a variety of styles and sizes, so creating stained glass windows on a blank wall is a matter of personal choice. It can be almost any size, and the image should reflect the personality of the occupant. This gives the artist a wide range of colors and style choices to use, and they can build a custom piece that will enhance the room when it is lit.

When creating a window for a blank wall, the artist must allow enough space for the lights and wiring to be put in place behind the window. This means the frame will be a bit thicker than normal, but it will not take away from the overall appearance of the piece. If the area where the window will be placed is being remodeled, the wiring can be hidden within the new wall. Windows being placed on an existing wall may need to plug into a nearby outlet, and the artist will have to incorporate a long enough plug to reach the outlet. Choosing the color of the plug wire may be an important part of their work so it will not be too obvious when the window is placed.

Adding a decorative window can change and enhance a dull room that has little light, and this is one of the best reasons to consider adding a stained glass window. It will be a unique addition of color and personality to a room that might otherwise seem dull or dark.